Customer's Testimonials



Prashant Thakur

Group system support co-ordinator, Cosmos Bank

"It (ALICE) boasts a wealth of built-in software. You can use any web browser to configure it. With ALICE you don't have to pay for a separate proxy server licence or even an operating system licence as ALICE has it built in. Not only does the ALICE come with its own Internet firewall to protect connected LAN users but it can also provide routing services, saving the user from having to pay for an extra Windows NT licence."

"It's highly affordable and it has saved us money too. If you get stuck there's even a setting which allows their engineers to dial in remotely and sort out the problem for you. Another attractive feature is that ALICE has its own email server built in and doesn't need additional e-mail packages to be installed - although ALICE can be linked to these products if desired. For Cosmos Bank's simple email requirements, such packages are something of an overkill. We don't really need expensive e-mail packages and the flexibility of ALICE's email server makes it easy to select it over others. I am impressed by the fact that although we have been running with ALICE for just over twelve months, we have already successfully upgraded the product's firmware. The latest software release gives increased flexibility as to how each individual user's Internet access can be restricted.

"Cosmos Bank is just beginning to roll out a number of Internet-based, e-commerce style facilities which will become possible thanks to ALICE."


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