The core of ALICE™ (Advanced Linux Internet Communication Environment) is a Communications Gateway Server and is the answer to all your networking requirements. ALICE™ is designed to take the network load off your LAN and reduce the time you actually spend on the Internet, without compromising on the speed of your Internet connection.

ALICE™ works with all major operating systems, is non-proprietary and adaptable to future web messaging standards. ALICE™ is the perfect migration tool allowing your company to change e-mail systems or run co-existing systems seamlessly.

ALICE™ allows multiple users on the network to access the Internet using a single Internet Service Provider (ISP) account, reducing connection costs considerably. Each user accesses the Internet as if they were directly connected, but with the security features of an inbuilt firewall to prevent unwarranted entry from the Internet back into the local network.

ALICE™ also supports all modes of connectivity to the Internet and other TCP/IP networks, Extranets between offices, customers and suppliers.


  • Remote network robots automatically monitor the health of network and server systems -  implying zero  system maintenance costs
  • Feature-rich, secured intranet/internet gateway, with 1024-bit encryption 
  • Graphical user interface makes it easy for normal users
  • Can co-exist with various e-mail systems / clients
  • Allows for multiple modes of connectivity; facilitates automatic switching between VSAT, 
    leased lines, ISDN, and PSTN 
  • Programmed to accommodate future messaging or networking needs; seamlessly communicates with various client operating systems such as Windows 9x™ /  NT™ /  ME™ / 2000™ / XP™, Macintosh™ OS, Novell NetWare™, OS/2™ and variants of Unix
  • Adaptable for complex network solutions because of inherent support for multiple universal 
    protocols such as IPv6, WAP
  • Future-proof engine ensures that support matches communication growth requirements.


Mail Server
Web Server
Proxy Server
Reverse Proxy Server
Advanced Mail Filter - Alfie
DHCP Server
Mailbox Synchronizer
Database Server
Configuration Synchronizer
Multiple Administrators


Mail Server

  • The ALICE™ Smart Mail System acts as a communication medium for an entire corporate organization; offers a personalized mailbox for every employee in the organization, while allowing over 60,000 e-mail IDs from a single server.

  • Internet ready SMTP and IMAP4/POP3 server, which can work on "Always On" mode or "Download on Demand" mode.

  • Mails can also be downloaded from any POP account and delivered to individual users.

  • User-friendly e-mail IDs in the form name@company.com and, alternatively, name@branch.company.com, can be created

  • Supports fragmentation of file transfers, which means there is no loss of information due to broken connections

  • Alias feature allows for multiple routing of e-mail.

  • Domain management, transient mail storage, a single domain across multiple offices (e-mail IDs independent of location), and user-wise logs of all mails sent and received.

  • All standard mail clients supported


Web Server

  • Ready to use web server

  • php / java / perl etc for dynamic pages

  • Robust RDBMS for your database needs.


Base Firewall

  • Implements the deny-by-default feature, enhancing the overall security of the network.

  • Consists of a set of rules based on data flow from/to LAN. The default settings allow only HTTP and SSH ports to be open from the Internet side.

  • Can allow other services such as FTP, DNS and SMTP.

  • Ensures that there is no unauthorized access from, or to the network when it is connected to the Internet.

  • Software-based, so easily configurable; adapts to all kinds of networks and connectivity tools.

  • Remote Administration function provides full access for monitoring and administration by authenticated users from the LAN. It can restrict access to the net at user and group levels.

  • Protection of the LAN from external hacking or attacks via the Internet. It also restricts usage of unproductive and time-consuming Internet protocols like IRC.

Advanced Firewall

  • The Advanced Firewall is an extension of the built-in firewall, which is the default security module of Managed Gateway Services This advanced version comes with its own Graphical User Interface, enabling the administrator to control access to and from the network, on the basis of IP address / networks / ports.

  • It ensures that there is no unauthorized access from, or to the network when it is connected to the Internet.

  • It is software-based, so easily configurable; adapts to all kinds of networks and connectivity tools.

  • It enables IP source and destination Network Address Translation.

  • Employs data encapsulation to avoid corruption.

  • Sports a acket level filtering that scans for source addresses and port, destination addresses and port, type of protocol and its interface.


Proxy Server

  • User based, time based, URI based and source based rules to allow or deny access.

  • Create and maintain lists of users allowed/denied browsing specific sites at given times


Reverse Proxy Server

  • Use the proxy server as an accelerator for your website so that partially dynamic sites can be speeded up.

  • Reduce load on web server

  • Set refresh time per object or object patterns



  • A secure, cost-effective, indispensable feature for multi-location situations, the ALICE VPN establishes 1024-bit encrypted secure tunnel/s between the nodal ALICE VPN server and branch ALICE VPN servers by using encrypted authentication.

  • It enables a company to drastically reduce its connectivity costs by efficiently utilizing the Internet backbone, eliminating the need for point-to-point independent connectivity. Connections can be established effortlessly and without tedious configuration.

  • It is installed only at one location, and the rest of the branches can connect to this location effortlessly.



  • Full functional DNS capable of hosting any number of domains

  • Internal and External views to provide appropriate replies to queries from the intranet and internet.


Advanced Mail Filter

Advanced Mail Filter processes email and attachments in three key stages to identify and manage potential content threats.

Policy Identification

  • Recognition of policy rules as defined by user

  • Message sender and recipient determine policy to be applied

  • Application of security policy to each message as set up in policy

  • Enforcement of different policies to incoming and outgoing messages separately

Analysis and scanning of objects in the email data stream

  • Recursive disassembly of objects to identify original content

  • Recognition and management of key data formats used in email transfers:

    • Compression/ encoding formats - ARJ (including self-extracting ARJ), GZip, RAR,TAR, PGP, LZH, LHA,CMP, ZIP (multiple variants), BinHex and CAB, MIME, UUE, TNEF, and binary;
    • Document formats - MS Office (CDA), RTF, PDF, HTML and Fax; Executable formats - Windows, DOS, DLLs, Javabyte;
    • Image formats - JPEG, DXF, DWG, PSP, DNG, PIC, TIFF, PCX, FIL, BMP and GIF;
    • Sound formats - MIDI, AIF, VOL, AU, WAV and MPEG3 (MP3);
    • Video formats - RM, MPEG, GM and AVI;
    • Encryption formats - S/MIME.

  • Detection of custom formats using flexible binary pattern matching

  • Recognition of content by file architecture and / or extension

  • Quarantine (or other user-defined actions) of unrecognized data formats

  • Scanning by your choice of virus tools including support for multiple simultaneous virus scanners

  • Cleaning and recomposition of infected messages

  • Advanced text analysis in message headers, subject line, body text and attachments for keywords, phrases and Boolean expressions including "nearness"

  • Customizable detection of data types by binary pattern to detect enterprise-specific content

  • Conditional actions based on message size and number of attachments

  • Attachment of customizable text to emails in appropriate character set or US-ASCII e.g. legal disclaimers

  • Defence against unpack attacks

  • Intelligent analysis of spoofed emails

  • Validation of S/MIME signatures and S/MIME encryption or decryption of messages


  • Selection of disposal path for each message

  • Execution of actions e.g. message quarantined, delivered, delayed until user-defined time, copied, returned to sender etc.

  • Notification email to the administrator or other manager

Policy Management

  • Integration with LDAP directories

  • Editing via intuitive GUI with task pad and wizards

  • Application of policy to each object passed through Alfie.


DHCP Server

  • A DHCP server to easily manage and configure network settings on LAN systems.

  • Allow automatic detection of proxy settings.


Mailbox Synchronizer

  • Synchronization of single mailbox or entire mailbox collections with multiple location Alice setup.

  • Multiple replicas of a mailbox can be maintained.


Database Server

  • Optional database server with ODBC/JDBC connectivity.


Configuration Synchronizer

  • Multiple ALICEs may be implemented across various locations and user privileges may be synchronized across them.

  • This allows users to access internet and mail resources as per their privileges at their home base location.

  • In combination with DHCP and DNS modules, travelling users can be online without requiring any configuration and/or user settings when they travel to other offices of the organisation.


Multiple Administrators

  • Access control to different administrators may be granted as read-only, restricted and full access.

  • Allows tracking of changes and fixing responsibility for each change.


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